Jiangxi feng LiYe is a professional engaged in lithium rubidium cesium and li-ion battery series product research and development of new materials, production and sales of international well-known enterprise, after more than ten years of rapid development, has become China's deep processing of lithium products industry leading enterprises, is the world's largest metal lithium production suppliers, with special lithium inorganic, organic lithium, lithium metal and lithium alloy etc series products.


In 2000, the company was registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, mainly engaged in lithium metal and lithium chloride processing.

In 2007, the production line for extracting lithium chloride from salt lake brine was launched.

In 2010, it went public successfully, opening the era of capital operation, and became the first listed company in the domestic lithium industry.

In 2011, it acquired 9.9% of the shares of International Lithium and expanded to the upstream of the lithium industry value chain.

And the equity stake of Blackstairs UM51% was acquired in 2014 and a further 4% stake was acquired in 2015.

In 2015, the industry chain expanded to the downstream lithium battery, purchased Jiangxi Lithium, Shenzhen Meiba, purchased Rimlithiasis 25%, and further purchased Rim18.1% in 2016.

In 2016, the solid state battery Research and development Center was established, and a lithium ion battery factory was started in Jiangxi province.

In 2017, to subscribe part of the shares of The Lithiumium, continue to develop lithium resources, and expand to the downstream waste electromagnetic recovery business.


Ganfeng Lithium has the production capacity of more than 40 lithium compounds and metallic lithium products in five categories, and is one of the most complete lithium series manufacturers. Our business covers upstream lithium extraction, midstream lithium compound and metal lithium processing, downstream lithium battery production and recycling and other important links of the industrial ecological chain. Our products are widely used in electric vehicles, chemicals and pharmaceutical applications, and most of our customers are global leaders in their respective industries.

The world's most complete lithium industry value chain established by the company covers all important sectors of the lithium industry upstream and downstream, including upstream lithium resource extraction, deep processing of lithium compounds, metal lithium production, lithium battery production, lithium secondary utilization and recovery.

Upstream Lithium resources: The company currently owns stakes in six high-quality lithium resources in Australia, Argentina, China and Ireland, which are mainly operated by third-party mining companies and have signed long-term purchase agreements for most of the mineral resources. The main lithium resource used by the company is the Australian MountMarion project.

Lithium compounds: The core of Ganfeng ecosystem is the lithium compounds business segment, mainly including battery grade lithium carbonate, battery grade lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, lithium fluoride, used in electric vehicles, portable electronic equipment and other lithium battery materials, chemical and pharmaceutical fields, customers mainly include battery anode material manufacturers. The company ranks first in China and third in the world, accounting for 27% and 14% respectively.

Lithium metal: The company ranks first in the production capacity of lithium metal products, accounting for 47% of the global production capacity. The company can produce a number of different sizes and thicknesses of lithium ingot, lithium foil and lithium bar, lithium alloy powder and lithium alloy foil, mainly used in lithium battery anode materials, pharmaceutical reaction catalysts, alloys and other industrial materials, customers include battery manufacturers and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Lithium battery: most companies use the lithium compound business customers to purchase the cathode materials, anode materials and electrolyte of lithium ion power battery, battery storage and consumer batteries, mainly used for electric cars, all kinds of energy storage equipment and various consumer electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablet, laptop, etc.

Lithium battery recycling: The ability to recycle lithium batteries provides a sustainable value-added solution for battery manufacturers and ev manufacturers.

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